PRESS RELEASE   March 07, 2022

John Deere extends the life of ageing machines


Many farms rely on older machines that still perform well but are no longer the latest models. To ensure performance is high and running costs are low, regular maintenance is important. John Deere has expanded its machinery inspection programme by introducing Expert Check 7+ and adding a new brand to its parts portfolio.

Expert Check 7+ is like the existing Expert Check inspection programme and guarantees a comprehensive, 140-point inspection specifically for machines that are seven years or older. With the help of this checklist, sales partners can carry out a detailed technical diagnosis for a wide range of models. Expert Check 7+ is not only available for older John Deere 6, 7 and 8 Series tractors, but the programme also covers self-propelled sprayers, round balers and C, W and T Series combine harvesters. 

John Deere is also introducing a new brand of parts called ‘Alternatives by John Deere’. This brand expands the existing range of John Deere Original and Reman parts. ‘Alternatives by John Deere’ has been specially developed for older machines which are used less and therefore have a less wear and tear. 

With these changes, John Deere has adapted the parts and service programme specifically for the utilisation and age of the machines. All parts go through a certification process by John Deere, which guarantees quality and assures that all parts fit the machine optimally.